A Toll Plaza Booth is a counter/stall on a toll street where the driver should stop to pay the toll duties to drive any further. Toll streets are typically on the public and public interstates where these toll corners are positioned

State highway and NHAI toll plaza list :

Andhra pradesh fasttag toll plaza list :

Assam fasttag toll plaza list :

Bihar fasttag toll plaza list :

Chandigarh fasttag toll plaza list :

Chhattisgarh fasttag toll plaza list :

Delhi fasttag toll plaza list :

Gujarat fasttag toll plaza list :

Haryana fasttag toll plaza list :

Himachal pradesh fasttag toll plaza list :

Jammu and kashmir fasttag toll plaza list :

Jharkhand fasttag toll plaza list :

Karnataka fasttag toll plaza list :

Kerala fasttag toll plaza list :

Madhya pradesh fasttag toll plaza list :

Maharashtra fasttag toll plaza list :

Meghalaya fasttag toll plaza list :

Odisha fasttag toll plaza list :

Punjab fasttag toll plaza list :

Rajasthan fasttag toll plaza list :

Tamil nadu fasttag toll plaza list :

Telangana fasttag toll plaza list :

Uttar pradesh fasttag toll plaza list :

Uttarakhand fasttag toll plaza list :

West bengal fasttag toll plaza list :

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The tolling is for the most part under the open framework, by which expense payable is a proper sum in light of the length of stretch under one task which is regularly 60 kilometers. In the event that a stretch is of lesser length, client charge of genuine length just is gathered. Client expense on a specific charge plaza depends on stretch length under that plaza, structures (span, passage, sidestep) and width of the parkways, pertinent charge rules and arrangements of the concessions understanding. Vehicles are ordered for the government assistance of street clients. This categorisation is principally founded on the size and burden they convey and harm done to the street and kind of purpose (business/faculty) of a vehicle. According to the expense rules 2008 the separating between two neighboring toll plazas ought to be 60 km. The expansive explanations behind laying out expense plaza inside a distance of 60 kms are as under:

Accessibility of land
Accessibility of adequate long view for speed increase and deceleration zone.
City limit/Town region limit from the expense plaza being laid out.
Area of sidestep from the charge plaza being laid out.
Area of significant redirections on the National Highways.
State limits and other really look at posts.
Presence of a charge plaza on the part of NH and length of new segment to be tolled is under 60 kms.
Streamlining of income potential.
To make the undertaking feasible, two charge plazas are laid out in a task segment of NH inside 60kms distance.
The advancement work of the NH is considered according to prerequisites.
Accordingly, two abutting areas built at various time in discrete agreements having length of under 60 kms might have the charge plazas inside 60 kms.
Distance between two nearby toll plazas might be under 60 km because of inaccessibility of land, gridlock or ill-advised area and so forth.
Admission to neighborhood/successive clients are stretched out as government assistance measures. There might be variety in the concessions accessible as these have been given at various times under various charge rules and arrangements of concession arrangement. Yearly correction is done w.e.f. first April and charge is to be adjusted to the closest Rs 5 according to the new client expense rules. Anyway a few streets worked before 2008 are administered by old ruleswhere charge is adjusted to Re 1 as it were. Client charge is required and gathered according to material expense rules and arrangements of the concession understanding. Now and again, client expense assortment is permitted when venture is 75% finished. This assists individuals with utilizing the finished piece of the street and explorer pays just for the 75% length opened for traffic. Client charge is required and gathered according to appropriate expense rules and arrangements of the concession understanding. According to govern, a concessionnaire has right to gather client charge till the fulfillment of concession period permitted under the understanding. When a roadway is fabricated, Fee is to be gathered to recuperate the expense. Whenever cost is recuperated the expense is gathered at diminished pace of 40% as the street is to be kept up with in great shape for the explorers. Rundown of excluded vehicles is different as exclusions have been conceded under various guidelines winning at the hour of development of the street.

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