Mahasamudram, Toll Plaza/Gate Charges/Rates/Fees and Monthly Pass

Check what is the toll tax charges on Mahasamudram, toll plaza for Type of vehicle?
Check what is the toll cost for return journey (two way toll) within a day on Mahasamudram toll plaza?
Check what is the toll rate for truck/bus and multi axle vehicles at Mahasamudram toll gate?
Check what is the toll tax monthly pass charges for 4 wheeler(car/jeep) or for trucks?

Toll Charges Details

Mahasamudram Toll Plaza Toll rates for car (for single Journey) = Rs.

**There might be new changes in price. All information on toll charges are source based and does not take any responsibility for accuracy of it.

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FAQ on FASTag:

Q. What is FASTag??

A. FASTag is a RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Technology) sticker tobe fixed on a vehicle’s windshield to pass through toll plaza - so no need to stop to pay cash on toll plaza. This will save your time. This is introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway of the Government of India in October 2017.

Q. What is Government of India mandate on FastTag?

A. As per Government of India December 2019 mandate, all lanes at National Highway toll plaza will be declared as dedicated FASTag Lane except for one Hybrid lane. Non -FASTag users will be charged double the fee if they pass through FASTag lanes.

Q. How to buy FASTag sticker?

A. You can buy FASTags sticker from toll plazas, banks like HDFC Bank, SBI, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and mobile Apps like Paytm and Airtel Payments Bank..

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